Aerial Photos of Des Moines, Iowa

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I spent 24,000 hours flying over Iowa doing traffic reports on WHO radio and WHO-TV. I also flew banners over Iowa State and Iowa football games. Took thousands of aerial photos of Iowa farms and businesses and ran a very successful Internet comapny and Christmas Tree Farm. I grew up in Des Moines and graduated from high school in Des Moines. I used the name Captain Jack.
Here are just a sampling of the thousands of photos I took at the time.

Drake Relays pictures

Adventureland Early Days

Pope's visit to Des Moines, Iowa (Clive)

Riverview Park, Des Moines (1978)

American School of Business

Baseball Sec Taylor Stadium

Botanical Center

Botanical Center 2


Capitol 2

Downtown Des Moines


Drake Relays 1997

Drake University

Farm Field

Firestone (Bridgestone) Tire

Flood of 1993

Glen Oaks

Golf Dome

Grimes, IA (sm pic) Large pic

Iowa State Fair

ISU Football Stadium

National Guard

Prairie Meadows (Race Track & Casino)

Saylorville Lake

Sec Taylor

Sec Taylor 1

Valley West Mall

Whitewater University

Zoo (Des Moines)


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